Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

It's officially been way too long since I posted on my blog! I had big plans to post a lot over the summer but then our internet went out in June and since my dad was in Cleveland, Ohio working for NASA I wasn't able to fix it.
But now I'm posting! We still don't have internet and school keeps me super busy, so I doubt I will be able to post very much very soon. But we can hope!
I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!! Safe travels to everyone who is traveling and wonderful time with family or friends or whoever you choose to spend the holidays with.
God Bless!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Kitty

Well, it's official, we are insane. We have another cat! Which makes three for us and then occasionally four when my sister comes home and brings her's.
My dad found this cat down on our road a couple weeks ago and was afraid he was going to get hit so he (being the softy he is) brought him home. We put up signs and an add in the paper but no one claimed him. Which we thought was kind of weird because he is the sweetest little cat. I wonder if someone dumped him. But anyways, if they did, they chose the right country road. lol! We got him tested for feline leukemia yesterday (which we have lost several cats to and don't want to go through that again) and it came out negative so we got him his shots and brought him back home! He'll need a booster for the fe-leuk and we need to get him neutered too. He is in pretty good health besides some ear mites but we got meds for that too.
For now he is still nameless. We've been calling him Fluffy or things like that. I like to say "He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!" to him when I see him. =) (It's from Despicable Me, if you haven't seen it. lol!)
But I kind of think he needs a more original name. Like Mr. Bingley or Prince Caspian. His personality would fit Mr. Bingley, or we could go with the pun and call him Prince CATspian. lol! I had a cat name Prince until last year I think it was (he just died of old age) and I jokingly called him that a few times. Yeah, I'm a little weird. ;)
Maybe I'll come up with some name ideas and do a poll on here. If I can figure out how to do it. lol! :)

So there's Monsiour Fluffball. The newest addition to our family. :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Valentine's Day. But if today was not your favorite day I hope you remember that there is always Someone who loves you more than anyone else ever could. God has always loved you and He always will. His love is all you will ever need. With His love you can be complete.

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love." - I Corintians 13:13

Valentine's Swap!

Here's what I got from Lynn for the Valentine's swap that Parsley hosted.
She sent me a wonderful handmade card, some 20 ct. red cross-stitch fabric and 28 ct. purple fabric. I plan to stitch something Valentine's-y on the red and I have a few ideas for the purple but I'll need to see if they would look good on it. I want them both to be what I really want and not just the first idea that comes to me. I'm weird like that. lol!
She also sent me a couple different shades of purple floss and some white floss. As well as some cross-stitching needles. Which I only have the ones that came in my kits so I probably really needed those! :)
There were also some scissors and a scissor FOB that she made for me. Now, I'll own to my ignorance and admit that I don't know what FOB stands for... I know what a SAL is! I can cross-stitch but I'm certainly not saavy in all the lingo yet. lol!
And last but not least... chocolate!!!! Some wonderful Dove chocolates and Reese's Peanut Butter cups. Yum!

Here's the fabrics and scissors close up.

And the FOB. So pretty!

The floss and needles. The flash was reflecting off the needle's package really badly. :/

The card that she made. Recycled, no less! Such pretty colors!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day! Whether you spend it with your special someone or with friends or just by yourself, I hope your Valentine's Day is full of LOVE.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here are my first crochetted scarf and hat! I practiced a lot before I actually did it so I managed to only mess up a little at first and you can hardly see it if you don't look really close. ;) (I didn't have any good background for them so I had to use a blanket. But all my blankets are purple!! lol!)

And the matching hat:

Here they are together! Again, my sister gets props for picking out the beautiful yarn. She knows me well! :)

I also plan to make something for my dog Lucy out of the leftover yarn but I'm not sure exactly what yet. Maybe a mini scarf. lol!
Happy crochetting one and all!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Here is my first scarf. I managed to get pretty good by the end of it!!!

 But the first part, well... not so good. lol! I like to call it my pregnant scarf. lol! Or it's a snake that swallowed something. ;)

And this is my second scarf! My sister gave me the yarn for my birthday. She has excellent taste, don't you agree?
I also just finished a collar for my dog out of the leftover yarn but haven't gotten good pics of it yet. I think I'll also make a hat to match.

So there are my recent projects! I still have a lot more yarn for more projects and even more ideas for what to do with it. lol!
Happy crafting everyone!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day Pt. 1

Here are pics of my first snow day! (please don't copy them. thanks!)
This first one is the footprints one of the cats left on the back porch. She wanted to go out so I opened the door and she stepped out there. Then she realized that the snow didn't get any better farther from the door so she turned around using as few steps as possible and JUMPED all the way back inside. I don't know if you can really tell how far it was but it was from the furthest prints. I just thought it was funny. This cat is one that really likes to spend time outside so I think she's getting cabin fever pretty bad.

Here's my Lucy Bug! All ready in her hand knitted collar. (Which my scarf matches!) Please excuse the laundry baskets and muddy paw prints. School keeps me so busy a lot of times I end up washing my clothes but never get a chance to fold them. lol! :P And this kind of weather means lots of doggy tracks all through the house! Yay! :/

Here's the view of the five acres.

Here's some of my little goats. Well, they are in the dog house. lol! I don't think they had ventured out yet. At least they get along and don't kick anyone out in this weather.

Here's Lucy's kiddy pool. In warm weather I fill it with water and she'll just lay down in it. When I was out feeding the goats last night she got in it. Not sure what she was thinking. lol!

You can't really see it in this pic but I thought the way the snow had drifted was so pretty.

When I took this picture I totally didn't think it would turn out. I had set the camera on the ground and took the pic from there. But then I was looking at them after I loaded them onto my computer and I thought it looked so cool!

So I just had to photoshop it. I used Picnik, it's a free online photo editing site. And I thought it turned out pretty good!

Lucy's checking something out. Looks like a plant to me. lol!

Now she's got snow on her little nosy! Isn't she so cute? She says: "Hi everybody! I love the snow but it keeps getting packed betweed my toeses. And that's not fun! But my mommy tries to help get it out. Bye now! Got to go do some more splorin!"

Yes, I love my dog too much. But I don't care, she's like my daughter.
Well, I hope you all are staying warm and safe!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

I won!!!

Wow! I actually won a giveaway!! I was going to post this earlier but hadn't gotten pics yet and have been crazy busy with homework and stuff. So I guess that's a good thing about the snow days, it gives me time to do stuff like this. lol! But anyways, Parsley had this great giveway and I won Michael W. Smith's new CD, Wonder. I love it and I'm actually listening to it while I write this post! lol! So here it is! (pardon the messy desk in the background and the reflection of the post-it notes I used to prop it up with. lol!)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Day!!!!

So today is my first REAL snow day! Because us homeschoolers don't get real snow days. My mom would usually let me go play in the snow but I usually still had to do at least math. :(
But anyways! Pretty soon I'm going to go play in the snow. And yes, I'm getting a late start but I slept in till about 12:30. Which was probably good because my dad is sick and I really don't want to get it too. But I'm going to try to take lots of pictures and post them soon.
I hope everyone is enjoying the snow (if you all have any) and staying safe!

You Are More

This is a song by the band Tenth Avenue North. This first video is from one of their concerts and I really like what he says about the song in it. (And it hilarious! Made me want to watch Batman again.)

So I was thinking about what Mike (the lead singer) said about how what we do does not define us. And I totally agree with him. But, it depends on what your point of view is. If you are talking about how God looks at us he is 100% right. There is not one thing you can do to undo what Christ did on Calvary. We are saved by GRACE through FAITH in CHRIST. God doesn't look at your past, to Him it never happened. And to me that is the beauty of Salvation. God can take something ugly and make it beautiful, make it new. It's like the chalkboard behind the band. I really like the part of the song that says: "'Cause this is not about what you've done; But what's been done for you; This is not about where you've been; But where you're brokenness brings you to; This is not about what you feel but what He felt to forgive you; And what He felt to make you new." I really think that sums up the whole song to me.

But it is also true that if you are looking at it from the world's perspective what you do does define you. I think some people try to bury their heads in the sand and say it doesn't matter what the world thinks or they try to escape the world. But here's the thing, we live in the world. It may not be our home but we live here for now. And it's our job as Followers of Christ to be a light for Him. And while it doesn't matter what the world thinks of us, we have to make sure we are projecting the image of Christ. I hate to say that our image matters but to the world it does. They are always looking for that one time when we make a mistake and stumble.
So what about you? If someone looked at you would they see Christ? Or would they see the world? I can honestly say that if someone looked at me they would not always see Christ. But I hope and pray that God can use me despite my failings.

God Bless!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010: A Year in Review

So I was looking back on my year today, it was a busy year full of ups and downs.

In January I started my last season of high school volleyball. It was a very fun season but also very bittersweet. We had an all girls team for the first time but I also got to play on a co-ed team for the tournament. It was fun to play with all my girl-friends and get the chance to do more hitting and stuff but I think I enjoy co-ed more. I also started the last semester of my senior year. I was probably already suffering from major senioritis. lol!
In February, nothing too exciting. I can't remember if we finished volleyball this month or the next. It all runs together! lol!
March, definitely done with volleyball. I did go to a medieval fair with some of my good friends. It was a lot of fun but there happened to be a cold snap that weekend. And I wore a dress! lol! We were all FREEZING by the end of the day.
April, I went to a homeschool 'prom'. (A lot of homeschoolers don't really like to call it prom, and I can see their point, so it was a 'Spring Formal'. ;) The girl I went with graduated with me and is one of my very best friends. It was so much fun just to get dressed up and drive there by ourselves (it was a couple of hours away). :)
May, I went on a 'senior trip' with my dad and my sister. We stayed in a cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. We brought my dogs and did a lot of hiking and things like that. It was so much fun! I love the mountains.
June, I had a graduation with my friend that I mentioned earlier. We did one just for the two of us. I really liked doing it that way, we were able to make it a lot more personal. I sang a song I wrote and my friend gave a nice speech. It was short and sweet! lol! In the middle of June I went to a Christian Leadership camp called Super Summer. As always, God taught me so much. It was amazing. The very last week of June I left on a mission trip to Seattle, Washington. We worked with a couple that is actually in Tacoma that used to live here, they are trying to start a church out there. We got back on the first of July.
So I was pretty ready to stay home for most of July. lol! I got the chance to do research at the university with my dad through a Summer research program. And the best part? I got payed!! lol! But it was a cool experience and it looks good on the resume. I've actually been continuing the research last semester and this semester.
August, I started college! It was a crazy change but I do like it. Nothing else too exciting happened though.
September, again, just busy with school and all that. In early September I handed down my 4-H crown. I won the 2009 4-H Queen contest for my county. It was really cool because the girl who won this year is from my homeschool group.
October, I turned 19! It's so weird that next I'll be 20. I won't be a teenager anymore! :/
November, fairly uneventful. Had a good time with family at Thanksgiving. But I did make my left pinkie-finger sore from knitting so much over the break! It was funny but at the same time not so funny because it really did hurt! lol! I may not hold the knitting needles properly. idk! :P
December was pretty good. VERY stressful at finals week. I'm pretty sure I only got an average of 3 or 4 hours of sleep all week. Not really very healthy. lol! Christmas break was good because I got to see some of my friends that I hadn't been able to hang out with because of school. But my Christmas was kind of dampened by the fact that my little dog Digory disappeared 3 days before Christmas. :( Needless to say this Christmas doesn't go on the list of favorites. I still haven't found him, most likely he ran into some coyotes or someone decided he'd make a good Christmas gift. He is a very sweet dog so it wouldn't surprise me if the latter is the case. But I'm still hoping and praying that he'll turn up. This is part of why I haven't posted sooner, I've been somewhat preoccupied for the past 2 weeks.
And now it's January! Where did 2010 go? It seems like the year just flew by. Do I have a New Year's resolution, you ask? Psh. No! lol! I always think about what I should resolve to do but I never really make a resolution. I guess I should resolve to post more frequently, eat healthier (especially since I'm taking a nutriton class this semester. :P), and probably other things like that.
So there is my year in review! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Years!