Saturday, December 7, 2013

Snow Days!!!!

I have been enjoying the snow that we got over the past few days. School was cancelled Thursday and Friday, so I have been taking advantage of the chance to sleep in and be lazy. Though I should be spending more of this extra time preparing for finals which are next week. :P I have been horribly unmotivated though.
On Thursday I did get a wonderful surprise in the form of an e-mail invitation for an interview at Kansas State University Vet school! I was so thrilled! It isn't until January 19th, so I have some time to prepare for it.
While I love the snow, I have not enjoyed dealing with the drama that ensued within my goat trip (the term for a herd of goats). I have three full-sized goats and three miniature goats. The little ones get along just fine and can all fit into one of those big, igloo style dog houses. The big goats are a different story. I have a mom and her two grown daughters. Well, one of the daughters is a jerk to her mom and sister and was keeping them out of the shelter on Thursday night, even though there was plenty of room for all three of them inside. So my dad and I had to go out in the cold and occasionally sleet (not to mention it being practically the middle of the night, we are night owls) and set up a second pen with a makeshift shelter in it to put Florecita in so she wouldn't freeze out Sombrita and Faline. We managed to set up a pretty decent shelter considering it was dark and the weather. We got Florecita in there and gave them all some extra feed and hay and went back inside where we had some hot cocoa and then went to bed. When I went out there Friday morning Florecita was not in the little pen... she had somehow managed to get back into the big pen! So then we put Sombrita and Falline in the little pen since the shelter was big enough for both of them and seemed to have kept out all but a little bit of snow. We also used some old baling wire to seal the gate between the two better than before. That seemed to work fine. Today I just opened the gate between the two and hopefully Florecita will appreciate the warmth that Sombrita and Faline could provide now.
As the days go on, I think I will be glad to be able to get out again, though I would gladly take a few more days like this early next year! Church has been cancelled for tomorrow so I will have another day to sleep in and devote to studying (hopefully! lol!) before my first final on Tuesday. Thankfully my hard ones are on Wednesday and Thursday, so I will have even more time to prepare for them.

I hope you all stay safe if you are experiencing similar weather! Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

Here are some pictures from my house.

This is Faramir, one of the little goats. He's a sweetie!

I thought it was amusing that their "igloo" house was covered in snow, yeah, I'm easily amused. haha!

Lucy absolutely LOVES the snow!!! If I stayed out there with her, she would play in it for hours and hours. I think the only thing she doesn't like is when the snow gets packed between her toes. :)