Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010: A Year in Review

So I was looking back on my year today, it was a busy year full of ups and downs.

In January I started my last season of high school volleyball. It was a very fun season but also very bittersweet. We had an all girls team for the first time but I also got to play on a co-ed team for the tournament. It was fun to play with all my girl-friends and get the chance to do more hitting and stuff but I think I enjoy co-ed more. I also started the last semester of my senior year. I was probably already suffering from major senioritis. lol!
In February, nothing too exciting. I can't remember if we finished volleyball this month or the next. It all runs together! lol!
March, definitely done with volleyball. I did go to a medieval fair with some of my good friends. It was a lot of fun but there happened to be a cold snap that weekend. And I wore a dress! lol! We were all FREEZING by the end of the day.
April, I went to a homeschool 'prom'. (A lot of homeschoolers don't really like to call it prom, and I can see their point, so it was a 'Spring Formal'. ;) The girl I went with graduated with me and is one of my very best friends. It was so much fun just to get dressed up and drive there by ourselves (it was a couple of hours away). :)
May, I went on a 'senior trip' with my dad and my sister. We stayed in a cabin in Estes Park, Colorado. We brought my dogs and did a lot of hiking and things like that. It was so much fun! I love the mountains.
June, I had a graduation with my friend that I mentioned earlier. We did one just for the two of us. I really liked doing it that way, we were able to make it a lot more personal. I sang a song I wrote and my friend gave a nice speech. It was short and sweet! lol! In the middle of June I went to a Christian Leadership camp called Super Summer. As always, God taught me so much. It was amazing. The very last week of June I left on a mission trip to Seattle, Washington. We worked with a couple that is actually in Tacoma that used to live here, they are trying to start a church out there. We got back on the first of July.
So I was pretty ready to stay home for most of July. lol! I got the chance to do research at the university with my dad through a Summer research program. And the best part? I got payed!! lol! But it was a cool experience and it looks good on the resume. I've actually been continuing the research last semester and this semester.
August, I started college! It was a crazy change but I do like it. Nothing else too exciting happened though.
September, again, just busy with school and all that. In early September I handed down my 4-H crown. I won the 2009 4-H Queen contest for my county. It was really cool because the girl who won this year is from my homeschool group.
October, I turned 19! It's so weird that next I'll be 20. I won't be a teenager anymore! :/
November, fairly uneventful. Had a good time with family at Thanksgiving. But I did make my left pinkie-finger sore from knitting so much over the break! It was funny but at the same time not so funny because it really did hurt! lol! I may not hold the knitting needles properly. idk! :P
December was pretty good. VERY stressful at finals week. I'm pretty sure I only got an average of 3 or 4 hours of sleep all week. Not really very healthy. lol! Christmas break was good because I got to see some of my friends that I hadn't been able to hang out with because of school. But my Christmas was kind of dampened by the fact that my little dog Digory disappeared 3 days before Christmas. :( Needless to say this Christmas doesn't go on the list of favorites. I still haven't found him, most likely he ran into some coyotes or someone decided he'd make a good Christmas gift. He is a very sweet dog so it wouldn't surprise me if the latter is the case. But I'm still hoping and praying that he'll turn up. This is part of why I haven't posted sooner, I've been somewhat preoccupied for the past 2 weeks.
And now it's January! Where did 2010 go? It seems like the year just flew by. Do I have a New Year's resolution, you ask? Psh. No! lol! I always think about what I should resolve to do but I never really make a resolution. I guess I should resolve to post more frequently, eat healthier (especially since I'm taking a nutriton class this semester. :P), and probably other things like that.
So there is my year in review! I hope you all had a wonderful and blessed Christmas and New Years!