Friday, September 27, 2013

Yummy Scarf

I actually finished this scarf quite a long time ago, but I'm finally getting around to taking pictures of it and posting them on here and on Ravelry. (For those who don't know, Ravelry is an online knitting and crocheting community where you can find patterns, look at other people's projects, and so on.) I actually found this pattern on Ravelry, but it was originally from another blog, so I will link to that at the bottom of the page. The scarf patter is called Morning Snack Scarf, I used a yarn that is 100% baby alpaca, so it is SUPER soft!
Here it is!
As you can see, it goes perfectly with my coat. I actually picked the yarn out while my coat was out in the car, I was pretty sure it would match but then I got out to the car and saw that it was pretty near a perfect match. It made me very happy! :)

And here is a little bit closer shot of the pattern, I think I may have used a little bit thicker yarn than the one in the pattern, but I still think it turned out fantastic!

Here's the link to the pattern. I really enjoyed knitting it.

And that's about all I have for now! I hope to post a bit more regularly. *crosses fingers* We shall see though.