Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Kitty

Well, it's official, we are insane. We have another cat! Which makes three for us and then occasionally four when my sister comes home and brings her's.
My dad found this cat down on our road a couple weeks ago and was afraid he was going to get hit so he (being the softy he is) brought him home. We put up signs and an add in the paper but no one claimed him. Which we thought was kind of weird because he is the sweetest little cat. I wonder if someone dumped him. But anyways, if they did, they chose the right country road. lol! We got him tested for feline leukemia yesterday (which we have lost several cats to and don't want to go through that again) and it came out negative so we got him his shots and brought him back home! He'll need a booster for the fe-leuk and we need to get him neutered too. He is in pretty good health besides some ear mites but we got meds for that too.
For now he is still nameless. We've been calling him Fluffy or things like that. I like to say "He's so fluffy I'm gonna die!!!" to him when I see him. =) (It's from Despicable Me, if you haven't seen it. lol!)
But I kind of think he needs a more original name. Like Mr. Bingley or Prince Caspian. His personality would fit Mr. Bingley, or we could go with the pun and call him Prince CATspian. lol! I had a cat name Prince until last year I think it was (he just died of old age) and I jokingly called him that a few times. Yeah, I'm a little weird. ;)
Maybe I'll come up with some name ideas and do a poll on here. If I can figure out how to do it. lol! :)

So there's Monsiour Fluffball. The newest addition to our family. :)


  1. He's beautiful! Your dad tried to talk me into taking him but we've got enough cats. It's a good thing I hadn't seen him or I would have been tempted.

  2. I am so happy for you. I think the kitty is where he belongs! He's PURRRfect!

  3. He is so adorable. And too cute! :)