Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finals (ugh) and Fun! =)

Starting this Tuesday I will have a final every day. I'm so NOT looking forward to them! I'm pretty sure that by Monday night I'm going to be majorly stressing out. But, for now I'm having a good time goofing off with one of my best friends. So far I think we've both had enough caffeine to keep an army awake for a few days. Okay, we haven't had that much...yet. lol! :) I think we are both fading at this point though, 5 hours of sleep will do that to you, ya know? Probably better go drink some mountain dew. ;)


  1. CRAZY GIRLS! Too much sugar and caffeine makes for an interesting time though HAHAHAHA

  2. LOL! Good times, good times! Remember the invisible gun fight? And the dry erase marker lightsabers? And, "Stalk, stalk, stalk your boat"? Haha! I'm still suffering from sleep deprivation. *Bites fist* X}


  3. Oh yeah! "Stalk, stalk, stalk your boat..." You need to hurry up and get a new boat, we need to be able to go sailing together. Although I'm thinking about trading mine in... Not sure yet though. I really like the one I have but I kind of like this other one. Your thoughts my dear? ;) (inside joke ;)
    I'm finally over that sleep deprivation. But I got a grand total of 5 hours of sleep the night before last and 3 last night so I'm in a whole new state of sleep deprivation. Yay! :P