Monday, November 12, 2012

Without a phone... again

So I did a very brilliant thing on Friday. I decided to put my phone in my back pocket when I went out on the Mule (a four-wheeler/golf cart kind of vehicle) with a friend. Well, it didn't stay in my pocket. We went and looked that night while someone called it repeatedly, my friend went out and looked for it the next day... 2 or 3 times, I went out and looked for it one last time Saturday before it started to get dark. But we still didn't find it. :( This had happened before but we were able to find it the next morning because the alarms were going off. But with this phone I don't set the alarms to repeat, I just turn them on every night. And see, I was trying to be responsible and keep my phone with me in case my dad needed to contact me or something. Well, that plan backfired! I also left my phone in Belize when I was there for a mission trip, so apparently I am not good with phones.
Soooo... I'm looking at getting a new phone. Especially since it proceeded to rain Saturday night. :/ So even if we were to find my phone it would probably be dead. But I was needing a new phone anyways, so I just REALLY need one now. I'm hoping to get an iPhone, if I can convince my dad to get a data plan if I chip in a bit for it. But we'll see. And maybe I shouldn't get one if I'm so bad at losing phones. But I very rarely drop my phone, so at least I don't have to worry about that as much. Even so I'm still going to get an otter box or something like it because I know I will drop it if I have one as breakable as an iPhone.
So there's my life right now. haha! :P

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